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Kats Kits
Birmans and Maine Coons
Sales Agreement
Kat Doring
18785 Euclid Path
Farmington, MN 55024
*We certify that to the best of our knowledge this kitten is in good health at
the time of purchase. This kitten is FeLV and FIV negative at the time of sale.
Testing after 72 hours or ownership will not be accepted by the breeder. No
Veterinary bill will be assumed a responsibility of the breeder after purchase.
Any medical action taken is the responsibility of the buyer. If after
examination by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of the purchase,
according to this contract, this kitten is believed to be ill, the breeder agrees
to accept the kitten back. The kitten will be either made well by the breeder
and returned to the buyer or the breeder will replace the kitten with a kitten
of equal quality with the choice by the breeder.
*You must have the kitten examined by your own veterinarian within 72 hours
of purchase and advise the breeder of any adverse results of such examination.
Our basic health guarantee extends up to this time. Contract voided if not done.
*This kitten has had some or all of its kitten vaccinations. Kittens are not
given rabies shots and are the responsibility of the buyer if they choose to
give them. Feline Rhinotracheitis - Callici Virus - Panleukopenia  Vaccinations
were given. Please consult your Veterinarian for future vaccinations.
PLEASE NOTE: During times of stress, such as going to a new home, kittens
may exhibit a variety of symptoms that are short in duration that may or my
not need to be treated. These symptoms may be sneezing, runny nose, watery
eyes, diarrhea and / or constipation.
This kitten is sold a a a PET ___ / SHOW ___ . The breeder provides and
honest appraisal of the kitten's quality, though final adult quality can not be
guaranteed. Kittens sold as pets will not be shown in competition without
permission of the breeder without written permission. This kitten can ___ /
cannot ___ be shown.
*Kittens sold for pet and show alters will be spayed / neutered before 9
months of age. The best time is 7 to 9 months of age. Upon breeder's receipt
of Veterinarians verification of the altering, the buyer will be provided
papers for breed registration if requested.  Please allow 6 to 8 weeks.
*The full price of said kitten shall be payable in full before the release of
the kitten to the buyer. If said kitten is being sent by the airlines the seller
is not liable for kittens lost or stolen after acceptance by the airline
carrier. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to file a claim with the airline
carrier if shipments are lost, damaged, or delayed resulting in mortality or
sickness of the animal.
*It is the Buyers responsibility for all airline and/or transportation costs
related to any kitten sales at all times including return or replacement costs.
*If the buyer is unable to keep this cat, the breeder will assist the buyer to
find a new home. No kitten from this cattery may be sold or given to an
animal shelter, loaned, sold or given to a pet store, abandoned, sold or given
to a laboratory.
*We recommend the kitten not be allowed to run free outdoors, as then this
contract would be null and voided if ever outside.
*We recommend this kitten not be vaccinated with any form of
Preventative, as then this contract would be null and voided if vaccinations
*This kitten will not be declawed without breeder's approval. Please talk to
your vet about alternatives. As then this contract will be voided.
*The breeder will be informed of the death of this kitten under all
circumstances withing 24 hours.
*This kitten will be provided with necessary veterinary care including
annual checkup / vaccinations.
*This kitten will be provided a sanitary indoor home, proper diet in the
proper amount, have access to fresh water at all time, be groomed regularly
and not be subjected to unnecessary confinements.
*If this kitten is required to stay with Kats Kits longer than 16 weeks due to
circumstances of the buyer, we reserve the right to charge a per day
boarding fee
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Pet Kittens are $1200 (females and males)
Non Refundable Deposits of $200 for Kittens will be taken to reserve/assure a spot
for a kitten or a specific kitten already born.  A personal check will be accepted for
this deposit. After kittens are born and you will have a choice for a specific kitten.  
The breeder has the right to cancel this transaction for any reason at any time.
Deposits will be returned if breeder cancels the transaction.  Kittens will remain under
the care of the cattery for at least 12 - 14 weeks according to our policy.