No kittens were harmed in the making of these pictures...just a little wet!
This kitten went home to my grandsons wonderful nurse in his cardiac unit. We wanted to
take pictures to send to her of both Hunter and kitty. He has made a wonderful recovery.
Thanks to the wonderful Doctors and Nurses at the Milwaukee Childrens Hospital and all the
love his parents put into his recovery. What a joy he is! Such a sweet soul.
Hunter with a basket full of Birman Babies!
Even the male cate in their
outdoor play are not free from
Hunter kisses. They do like them
though. Ha
Kisses of Approval
This page is dedicated to my Grandchildren. It is so fun to share
my kittens and cats with them and to see them love them as much
as I do. For those of you who have grandchildren you know that any
excuse we have to brag about them is fun. Please enjoy!
Grandchild Brag Page
( because I can! )
***Please Enjoy***