Available Adult for Adoption
Most of the time this is a very hard choice to make when it comes to cats that have been with
us for little or a long time. We adopt our cats out for many different reasons. Example:
Sometimes a cattery may have too many cats for some cats comfort levels and they prefer to
be in a home with not so many cats. Some cats need way more attention than we can give them
in a cattery and for the well being of the specific cat we need to make that choice. Some cats
may need to be in a single cat household. These choices are for the health and wellbeing of our
cats. This can be very hard as we are attached to them and they to us, but we know this is so
much better for them. Sometimes as responsible breeders we have to place cats to keep our
numbers down to keep a healthy and sanitary cattery. We are always improving our lines to
make the breed better and to do this we are always adding cats and kittens. We cannot be cat
collectors. This may seem harsh to some people but if they try to understand it is better for
the cat all round. You are not getting a "disposable cat" but a wonderful, well adapted cat.  
This is a very unselfish choice. Adult cats as a rule are already spayed or neutered with all
their vaccinations. They may be retired show cats,  breeders or both, possibly a rescued cat
from our breeding. We will always be honest about the personalities and health of the
specific cat you are looking at. There is a cat made especially for you out there and sometimes
an adult cat may be a wonderful alternative to getting a kitten. Many people want adults as
they seem to fit into their lifestyle vs a kitten. Sometimes when a person is here looking at
kittens an adult cat may choose them. Ha! This happens quite a few times and is very
unplanned. This may result in them taking them right away or depending on a specific cat, the
cat can be put on reserve for them depending of what is there place is in the cattery. I hope
this helps you understand the importance of placing a adult cat the reasons we do this. As the
saying goes, Cats leave paw prints on your heart and we have a lot of paw prints on ours. We
love our cats as much as  non breeders but we need to be unselfish for the well being of our
babies. Many people who adopt send us pictures and stories so we are still connected. So
please call if you are interested. We will be happy to answer any questions.
Please give me a call if you are
interested in adopting an adult.