*Sweatshirt Style:   Hooded / Crew / Zippered

Colors:      Gray        Black        Royal           

    Purple          Light Pink          Dark Pink     

LOGO Style and Size:                           Hooded       Crew       Zippered
ACFA Traditional Logo/Pocket Area          $34.00        $29.00       $39.00
ACFA Traditional Logo/Large Front Area   $44.00        $38.00       ---------
ACFA Marketing Logo/Pocket Area           $34.00        $29.00       $39.00
ACFA Marketing Logo/Large Front Area    $48.00        $42.00       ---------

Stitch Color:   Black / White

Size:   S     M     L     XL   2XL+$2     3XL+$3    4XL+$4     5XL+$4

Youth Sizes: Pocket Logos will be put n the middle chest area on Gray Sweatshirts.

 Hooded:  $30.00  S   M   L   XL   /   Crew:   $24.00 S   M   L   XL

ACFA Traditional Logo  /  ACFA Marketing Logo

*Performance Wear 100% Polyester with Moisture Wicking Polo:  $49.00
Colors:       White      Red      French Blue      Wine      Navy  

             Carolina Blue      Hunter Green       Green      Black  

Logo Style:  ACFA Traditional Pocket Logo/ ACFA Marketing Pocket Logo
Stitch Color:     Black   /   White
Mens:        S    M    L    XL    2XL+$2   3XL+$3    4XL+$5    5XL+$6
Womens:   S    M    L    XL    2XL+$2    3XL+$3


*Gildan Dry Blend Sport Polo(50% cotton/50% Dryblend Polyester Preshrunk) $28.00
      Navy     Red     Orange     White     Irish Green     Black     
Sand                                        Royal       Maroon         Forest Green    Gray      Light
Pink                                          Purple     Sappphire    Dark Heather     Gold    Light
Blue    Carolina Blue

Logo Style:  ACFA Traditional Pocket Logo / ACFA Marketing Pocket Logo
Stitch Color:  White  /   Black
UNISEX Sizes:    S   M   L   XL   2XL+$2   3XL+$2   4XL+$2   5XL+$2


Please send and make checks out to:   Kat Doring
                                                          18785 Euclid Path
                                                          Farmington, MN 55024
        You may email me at:
*You may print out this page and circle your choices to send me.

 Shipping:  $12.95 (United States)
*I would be glad to bring your order to a show to save shipping costs.

When making your order please provide:
             E-mail address:____________

ACFA thanks you for your purchase. If you have any questions you are
welcome to call me. I am open to stitch colors if you have an idea I have not
offered. I will be adding more clothing and new ideas as I go so please check
out this web address or give me a call. Please share shipping costs with a

*All sales are final.

by Kat Doring**** 20% of your purchase will be Donated to ACFA